Mission Pharmacal Leadership - Neill Walsdorf, Sr.
Neill Walsdorf, Sr.

Neill Walsdorf, Sr., Chairman of the Board at Mission Pharmacal Company, followed in the footsteps of his father, third-generation pharmacist H.N. Walsdorf, who founded Mission in 1946. Neill Walsdorf joined Mission in 1959, serving in various sales and marketing positions before assuming the roles of President and Chief Executive Officer.

In his earlier roles, Walsdorf directed product development. When he was diagnosed with kidney stone disease in the early 1980s, he quickly discovered that existing treatment options were limited. Walsdorf’s passion for developing much-needed therapies in this area grew strong. Mission funded The Neill Walsdorf Sr. Biotechnology Center in Mineral Metabolism at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center to help produce leading drugs and devices to diagnose, treat, and prevent urological conditions. 

Walsdorf is a member of the Buck Advisory Council of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, along with his son Neill Walsdorf, Jr., and is a board member of the Mineral Metabolism Foundation. He is also a member of the Advisory Council at the College of Liberal and Fine Arts at the University of Texas and serves on the Texas Pharmaceutical Advisory Council at the College of Pharmacy at the University of Texas.

In addition to his passion for education and delivering high-quality healthcare solutions, he enjoys playing jazz and tennis, spending time with his family in San Antonio, and competitive sailing. 

Mission Pharmacal Leadership - Neill "Gobie" Walsdorf, Jr.
Neill "Gobie" Walsdorf, Jr.

As the third generation of his family to lead Mission Pharmacal Company, Neill “Gobie” Walsdorf, Jr. proudly continues his family’s long-standing legacy of helping other families by delivering high-quality, novel healthcare solutions as President of Mission. 

In addition to his corporate position at Mission, Walsdorf offers his innovative touch on the Board of Directors for Alamo Pharma Services®, a specialized contract sales organization, and as President of BioComp Pharma®, Mission’s generic drug marketing subsidiary. Prior to taking the helm in his current leadership roles, Walsdorf served in production, as well as sales and marketing positions at Mission, pioneering the company’s brand-building efforts.

With a strong passion and dedication to helping the youngest and oldest members of our communities thrive, he has served as the Chairman of the Advisory Board of the School of Communication for the University of Texas and on the University of Texas Development Board. He also serves as an advisory council member for the Buck Institute for Research on Aging and is a member of the Golden Circle for the Southwest Research Foundation. 

Not one limited to life in boardrooms, you will often find Walsdorf with his family, cooking gourmet dinners and taking them on new travel adventures, or walking alongside his Mission team members as an active supporter of the March of Dimes and its annual premier fundraising event, March for Babies. Walsdorf is passionate about bringing truly life-enhancing innovations to market and showing kindness and leadership through everyday actions that benefit people and communities.

MIssion Pharmacal Leadership - James "Bear" Walsdorf
James "Bear" Walsdorf
Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer

For the past 36 years, James “Bear” Walsdorf, Executive Vice President at Mission Pharmacal Company, has been an integral part of the Mission management team. Walsdorf has played an essential role in the growth and development of our novel healthcare solutions, ensuring the continuation of our tradition of quality and value that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Walsdorf received his bachelor of arts in advertising from The University of Texas at Austin. He recognizes the importance of developing innovative and life-enhancing products, and giving back through community outreach, healthcare education, and participation in philanthropic endeavors and charitable events.

Walsdorf enjoys spending time with his family in the bustling San Antonio area and is passionate about country music, writing and performing his own songs in his spare time.