Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care

In 2014, Mission Pharmacal Company launched a long-term care (LTC) initiative dedicated to serving the patient population with unique product offerings that provide alternative delivery systems to help enhance compliance, comfort, and dignity. 

As a recognized leader in fulfilling unmet needs in categories including bone health, kidney stone disease, and dermatology, Mission works closely with LTC professionals to seek solutions that will improve the quality of life for nursing home residents. 

We have introduced four new products, each specifically designed to provided a superior option for nursing home residents, including:

  • An effervescent tablet for oral solution to treat osteoporosis and increase bone mass. 
  • A delicious bite-sized calcium and vitamin D dietary supplement offering and alternative to many tablets and pills most residents need to take every day.
  • A unique prescription protective oral spray to provide relief from xerostomia or dry mouth.
  • A touch-free, environmentally friendly zinc oxide spray to provide relief from incontinence associated dermatitis (IAD) and resulting pressure ulcers, discomfort, and illness. 

Moving forward, Mission is developing additional unique products to support specific needs of LTC providers and patients. This is part of our ongoing commitment to partner with healthcare professionals who are dedicated to serving the needs of LTC residents.