Primary Care

The launch of our primary care sales force in 2014 marks a significant step for Mission Pharmacal Company. This focused expansion in primary care helps us fulfill our goal of reaching more physicians and their patients with Mission's innovative, high-quality healthcare solutions. 

This dedicated sales team is comprised of experienced sales and pharmaceutical professionals who are employed by Alamo Pharma Services®, Inc., a Mission subsidiary. Product offerings include select prescription drugs from Mission and our premier partners. These drugs are among the leaders in their respective classes and provide important benefits and conveniences to patients experiencing common, yet often difficult-to-treat conditions. 

The addition of the primary care sales team significantly enhances the ability of our specialty sales team to focus and tailor its support of specialist physicians and long-term care professionals. For example, Mission's women's health sales group is now expanding their work with OB-GYNs to reach more patients with our quality prenatal vitamins. 

Working in tandem, our primary care and specialty sales teams give Mission a tremendous opportunity to realize the full potential of our commercial portfolio while helping deliver better healthcare solutions to patients.